Gut Feeling - Prebiotic Hemp Blend

Gut Feeling - Prebiotic Hemp Blend

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Gut-Feeling is so good you can taste it – the perfect way to add fibre supplements to your diet and improve health with nutritious everyday superfoods such as hemp and cacao.

Gut-Feeling is a natural plant based hemp protein prebiotic powder packed with fibre. You will love this nutrient packed combination of plant-based protein and prebiotics naturally flavoured with organic raw cacao. 

Our premium blend provides an excellent source of dietary fibre, helping to support the health and function of the gastrointestinal tract and restore beneficial gut bacteria, optimising overall health, immunity, mood and wellbeing.

Gut-Feeling contains pure hemp protein with a balanced amino acid profile including essential and branched chain amino acids to support muscle repair, growth and development.

These powerful antioxidant properties help to protect cells from oxidative damage improving overall health and wellbeing. 

All of our ingredients are raw, meaning both the hemp and cacao are produced under cold pressed conditions retaining nutritional properties for optimum nutrition. Our proprietary process extends shelf life by using using a hydraulic press to remove the oxidant components – this retains nutrients in a superior manner.

Gut Feeling's beautiful chocolate flavour comes from our use of cacao powder, making this the tastiest of fibre supplements in Australia.

450g, 20 serves, $49