Sample Hempcrete Kit

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Now you can create truly one-of-a-kind HempCrete pieces with our new DIY Kit!
You'll be able to create beautiful forms from an ultra eco-friendly material that’s been exclusively used in construction.


HempCrete is made from hemp hurds, lime, water, and a small amount of concrete.
It’s superior to all traditional building materials because it's:
- Non-toxic
- Carbon Negative
- Flame, water, and pest resistant
- Strong, lightweight, and breathable
- Lasts 100’s of Years A ton of HempCrete is estimated to absorb and sequester an additional ~249 kg of CO2 over 100 years.

- 1 portion of Hemp Hurds
- 1 portion of Concrete Binder
- Instructions
Makes approximately 16 ounces of the mixture.
Molds are not included.
Ages 13 + up.