About Us


At Broadleaf Hemp, our vision is to create a new agricultural model based on environmental respect, social fairness and leaving a legacy for future generations! Growing hemp uses significantly less water than traditional food crops, requires little to no artificial sprays or fertilisers and pulls carbon out of the atmosphere to sequester it in the ground!

We hope that our model inspires farmers across the globe to switch to more sustainable, environmentally friendly farming practices to grow better food, better soils and healthier, happier people!

At Broadleaf we see a need for all business to be conducted in a more regenerative mindset in order to be sustainable into the future. All of our business decisions are driven by our ethics which allows us to ensure that our operations are environmentally sound, socially just and improve the environment for generations to come. We call this Ethonomics.

The future is green.

We are looking at growth in the Hemp industry in 50 years from now and aligning our pathway towards the future.

We envisage a socially just, sustainable future that is fair for all.