Vital Equine Hemp Nutrition Benefits

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Vital Equine Natural Hemp For Horses

Health Benefits of Hemp Food for Horses

  Hemp is taking over the equestrian world as a popular natural remedy for certain conditions like arthritis, laminitis, anxiety, and more. It is a superfood with outstanding nutritional benefits for equines. High in minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, hemp is a perfect dietary supplement and can help aid in digestion, calming, coat and hoof health, and joint mobility, to name a few. Giving Vital Equine hemp feed and oil to your horse will help you see these benefits.

Vital Equine focuses on unlocking the equine nutritional benefits  from the hemp seed. Our hemp seed products for horses are all natural and have not been chemically or genetically manipulated.

 Hemp has been shown to help horses with inflammation and pain, calming, skin/coat health, reproductive health, respiratory health, and digestion. These benefits make hemp feed and oil a great option for horses with laminitis, arthritis, anxiety, Equine Cushing’s Disease, ulcers, and more.

Low sugar content makes hemp a suitable supplement for horses with laminitis. GLA increases the production of PGE-1, a prostaglandin that in its synthetic form has been used to treat hind-gut ulcers. In addition, the vitamins and fatty acids will help promote a shiny, healthy coat.

    It can also be used to help horses gain weight. It is highly palatable and caloric, making it a good way to add extra calories to your horse’s diet. Hemp feed is also suitable for horses who are intolerant of regular grain.

Hemp seeds are the most nutrient-dense portion of the plant. They include approximately 20% protein, 6% carbs, and 73% good fats. Calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and vitamins A and E are all present in large amounts aswell.

Only the seeds of the plant contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that the body cannot produce, hence it must be consumed through diet.

It is not psychoactive, so your horse will not get “high”. Hemp oil and feed contain less than 1% THC, which is the mind-altering substance in cannabis. Due to the low concentrations of THC, feeding hemp will cause no psychological impairment to your horse.

Hemp Feed for Horses Nutriotional Benefits

Key Health Benefits of Hemp for Horses

According to customers and researchers equine hemp is;
  • A  good  source of Energy.
  • Is a superfood that can help with joint pain and inflammation.
  • It is super convenient to horses and easily digestible in the hindgut.
  • Improves stamina.
  • Perfect for late-gestation pregnant mares with a lower appetite but a higher energy requirement.    
  • When fed as a supplementary energy source to cereal grains, it stimulates less energetic, calmer behavior in horses.
  •  Helps horses with allergies and skin problems.
  •  Equine Cushing's Disease (PPID) and Insulin-resistant of horses can be assisted with this supplement.    
  •  It's highly digestible to horses and can be a cost-effective way to     supplement their diet with extra calories without making them fizzy     or introducing grains.
  •  It can help the horses to maintain or gain weight while also healing     digestive disorders.
  •  Promotes metabolic function and vitality.    
  •  Natural expectorant and bronchodilator for respiratory health.
  •  When horses are exercised, it helps to reduce their heart rate.
  •   Provide high-performance support.

Reproduction Aid

  •  Hemp oil's nutrient-dense vitamins may aid in the health of horses'     reproductive systems. Omega-3 fatty acids can boost hormone concentration, which aids in fertility and the growth and development of the horse embryo.
  • Hemp has nutrients that aid with milk production. These nutrients provide energy and stamina to both the mare and the stallion. The stallion can breed with numerous mares and generate healthy sperm if he has enough stamina.

Hemp Seed Protein

Hemp can be given to your horse's feed as a protein powder to boost protein levels. Protein powder can help horses gain muscle in the same way that it does to humans. While horses may acquire protein from their daily meal, certain hemp products might boost protein and vitamin absorption. Hemp protein powder is an excellent plant-based protein source. The protein content of hemp seeds is so high that it easily beats soybeans gram for gram.

A foal's diet should contain 12-18% crude protein. Protein levels that are enough, support the growth and development of young horses. A fully matured horse would normally require less protein, ranging from 8 to 12%.

Hemp Essential Fatty Acids

Hemp is rich in essential fatty acids like Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9. This includes GLA, an Omega 6, which is revered for its anti-inflammatory mechanisms.

In the plant kingdom, hemp seed oil has the greatest level of polyunsaturated fats and one of the lowest levels of saturated fats. It is an extremely efficient source of nutritional energy since it is cold-pressed from the seeds at low temperatures, maintaining all of its nutrients and requiring only a few spoonfuls each day. 

    The anti-inflammatory properties in hemp may reduce pain and increase joint mobility. Some customers have even reported that their horses with joint problems no longer need routine injections after feeding hemp. They say the results from the hemp outweighed the benefits of injections!

Hemp seed oil is a fantastic addition to your horse's diet. It must be refrigerated in warmer weather, so depending on your stables, it may be inconvenient to feed. It could be simpler to feed the seeds, but even they should be kept cool. In the summer, you could keep a few days’ worth at the barn and the rest at home in the air conditioning.

Hemp Oil for Hair and Tail Health

The lengthy mane and tail of a horse are one of the first things people notice about it. The path to healthier hair begins on the inside. As a result, giving the horse an oral dose of hemp oil daily can perform wonders.

Hemp oil contains vitamin E, which strengthens and shines the hair. Hemp oil contains fatty acids that promote hair development. Proper mane and tail care and treatment will create a lustrous shine. Hemp oil can be applied directly to specific areas and massaged or brushed in to increase shine and growth.

Science backs it up! Veterinarian researchers, recommend administering hemp in the off-season for performance horses to help with pain, anxiety, and post-operative recovery.

Directions for use

  •  Hemp Oil - 20-30ml of hemp oil is usually fed twice a day. High-performance  horses may need 50-90ml twice a day.
  •  Hemp Feed - 250g-500g per day may be required, for extremely hard-working, sore, injured, lighter-weight ponies.

Starting with rescued, skeletal, badly injured horses that may need their diseases relieved and condition, nutrition restored after neglect or injury, up to 1.5kg per day may be necessary. Feed rates can be reduced as desired until they reach maintenance levels.

Is It Safe?

    Hemp oil and feed are safe for equine consumption. There have been no reported side effects from feeding hemp to horses. Again, because there is low THC content in hemp, it will not cause any psychological impairment or make your horse “high”. Hemp is a superfood, so it is a well-rounded nutritional supplement for your horse.

    An overdose of hemp oil or feed only yields mild effects like fatigue, dizziness, and diarrhea. Overdoses of hemp oil or feed are not fatal. Additionally, hemp is a natural product untouched by chemicals or other additives. This makes it a safe and healthy alternative to many feeds and supplements on the market.

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