100% Hemp Hurds Australian Grown

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What is hemp hurd used for ?

High Absorbency: Hemp hurds have twice the absorbency of wood shavings ideal for animal bedding.

Lightweight & Dust Free: Hemp hurd is a superior alternative to traditional wood particulate products.

Superior Building Insulation: Hempcrete made from hemp hurds makes for an excellent building insulation material.

Completely Biodegradable: Hemp hurds mulch is perfect for gardening since it enriches and protects the soil.

Anti-Fungal & Rot Resistant: Hemp hurd maintains an optimal humidity level in stables and cages, also a natural insect repellent.

Hemp hurds have many uses such as animal bedding for both horses and small mammals, as well as mulch. They are also used in the construction industry for such diverse products as composite pannels (hempboard) as well as a type of cement (hempcrete). The size of these hurds are ideal for making hempcrete.


Broadleaf Hemp is an Australian producer of hemp. To learn more visit



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