Childrens 3D knit multilayer reusable Hemp FACE MASK

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Hemp Black element infused adaptive fibres harness the power of odour neutralising Hemp!

Strategically engineered for protection through multilayer 3d knitting, Hemp Black masks are reusable and machine washable for 25 cycles. This mask features antimicrobial copper technology.


PEOPLE | HEMP BLACK Technology is Natural, Non-Toxic, and Safe

  • Hemp technology has improved kill on MRSA versus silver nitrate
  • Antimicrobial protection Cupron (copper) infusion
  • Cloth masks are porous and risk formaldehyde

PLANET | Sustainably made – zero waste in production

Hemp fibres use 72% less water than conventional cotton | Hemp absorbs 150% of its weight in C02 (carbon negative)| Cotton uses 25% of the insecticides in the world

Hemp Black | Reusable & Washable Face Masks

All of our gaiters & masks are made by 3-D knitting technology with absolutely no cutting or sewing of the masks. This means there are no sewing needle penetration holes through the fabric of our gaiters for greater security and safety which equals improved Isolation between wearer and others.

Sewing holes can typically the weak link In masks and can spread/separate, wear and break open as well as being a point of abrasion/irritation against the skin/scalp and catch/pull hairs from one's head, beard or mustache as well as catch jewelry.


Designed to be comfortable against the skin, our technology = better moisture transport, better thermal properties then polyester, while still having great long-term wash & wear properties as compared to polypropylene which is sensitive to heat (drying).

With good and proper care, our gaiters should be comfortable, beautiful and fully serviceable for a very long time - measured in years. 

3 layer technology | All of our Neck Gaiters are made with three (3) distinct and separate fabric/yarn layers.

Layer 1) EXTERIOR FABRIC - Copper infused into the Nylon polymer during yarn extrusion. The copper is not topically applied and will not wash or wear off. The Cupron copper is built into the DNA of the Nylon polymer during compounding and yarn extrusion.

Layer 2) MIDDLE FABRIC LAYER - Nylon Spandex (chlorine resistant type) yarn as a catch/blocking layer between the Interior and Exterior activated yarns.

Layer 3) INTERIOR FABRIC LAYER - Hemp infused into the Nylon polymer during yarn extrusion. The Hemp is built into the DNA of the Nylon polymer similar to the copper during compounding and yarn extrusion.  Hemp is excellent for the health and vitality of the skin and has been proven in recent lab test to kill the bacteria that causes acne.

Hemp Black masks are 100% made in North Carolina USA. 

Firstlight Health is proud to be distributing for Ananda Health.

DISCLAIMER: FDA recognizes that, when alternatives, such as FDA-cleared face masks are unavailable, individuals, including healthcare professionals, might improvise. 

Please seek medical advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19. Our face masks are made with hemp and copper technology. Caution should be used as the capacity for protection is unknown.